Thursday, August 25, 2016


Yes, I closed that door; it became a place of bondage for you. Trust that I am moving on your behalf, and soon you will see a new door opening. I am leading you to a better place which will bring you closer to Me. I will accomplish all that I began in you.

Now, step away from the situation you were facing and look up, there’s something I want to show you. I want to show you the right direction. I want you to see that it’s filled with great possibilities, and the way is completely unhindered. Don’t be surprised at the promotion which is coming. Oh, but it won’t be in the way that you’re thinking. Just know that I won’t disappoint you, and you will bring glory to My name.

So, will you trust My plans and know that I have a future and a hope for you? Will you trust that My plans are to bless you and fulfill your hearts’ desires? Will you trust and believe in My Word and know that it’s yes and amen? Good. Now, rest in what I’ve spoken to you, be still, and draw near to Me. There is work yet to be done.