Monday, February 22, 2016


I know that you have faith, but it’s time you do more than just believe in My word.  Even satan believes My word and trembles when he hears it.  It is time for you to put aside procrastination, and act on My word.  It’s time for you to rise up and take a step of faith and move on My word. Don’t postpone another moment in your day.  Do everything within your power to move forward with what you believe Me for, and have complete trust in Me to do the rest.

It’s going to take action on your part to receive the blessing that is waiting for you.  You will have to move one way or the other; you either have faith in Me, or you don’t. Your spiritual life hangs in the balance.  I require absolute surrender from you.  Set into motion your heart and all of its components.  Don't let anything delay your move any longer.  It’s time to stop talking about faith in Me and start acting on it.  Don’t let your faith lie dormant… just do it!

**Faith without works is dead. You can't just sit around praying all the time, you've got to get up and do something. ***

Monday, February 1, 2016


You may have problems, but don’t allow the problems to have you.  I know you feel like you should know better by now, but I know sometimes situations can change so fast, you forget for just a moment that I am with you.  Never doubt in dark times the things I’ve spoken to you in the light. Always remember who is in control of everything; I AM.

Do not worry or fret over the changes that come.  There will be many changes through the course of your life.  However, I promise you good things are ahead; just place your future in My hands and rejoice knowing I have only good and better things for you.  You are My joint heir with Jesus; therefore, don’t allow these problems to cause you to forget that.  Now meditate on My word; not your problems.