Tuesday, November 18, 2014


God still speaks to us.

Often it is a quiet whisper, a gentle nudge, a hunch we seem to have. As we look back at our journeys, we notice the places where the Lord has spoken to us, guiding us and encouraging us to press on.  Maybe we haven’t always listened to that “Still Small Voice,” but He has been there the whole time, speaking words of encouragement to our spirits.

Inspired by the Lord to write this devotional during prayer and meditation time, Minister Shearon D. Hurst believes these messages will speak life to the “weary warriors,” “the despondent pursuers,” and those who want to know Him in a more intimate way.

These words from the Father’s heart will encourage and comfort you as you battle through the days when you trudge through the valleys of life. Words of encouragement, either written or spoken from the Lord, will inspire you to live a life most pleasing to the Lord. Let this devotional journal will become a source of inspiration and encouragement in your life every day.


I found Shearon Hurst’s devotional journal extremely refreshing and uplifting. Shearon’s daily  words of  encouragement  are  perfect  for  anyone  that may  be  either struggling with life’s constant challenges or are suffering through a painful loss. I assure you, that once you begin reading these words of encouragement, your faith and your strength will be renewed and you will be ready to persevere!
–Cam Tribolet, Author of Dead 13 Times

How would you like to meet Jesus? Read Shearon’s book. Shearon hears God, then repeats what He says. She portrays Jesus just like He is: [He is] the epitome of beauty, [He] loves you deeply, and [He is] truth and all grace. The words dazzle you; they are radiant. Her heart beats as one with the Almighty. Feel the warmth of His smile. Her words are waves of the love of God for you.
--Reverend Lana GarnerWiley, God’s View TV Show (Dallas/Fort Worth)

I love a good devotional; it sets my day off right and gives me something to think about throughout the day. I also love to journal and I appreciate that Godʹs Trying To Tell You Something encourages journaling and gives you room to jot down some thoughts. Shearon has done a great job including monthly themes and a wellwritten short devotional for each day of the year. Itʹs as if God is speaking directly to you, but then she encourages you to read scripture and journal what youʹve heard. So, itʹs guided meditation at its best—utilizing the word of God directly.  I highly recommend using Godʹs Trying To Tell You Something as your daily devotional‐‐I know youʹll grow closer to God

Katara Washington Patton, Founder and Executive Editor, Esteem Publishing

I had been in somewhat of a spiritual slump when I was asked to review Shh! God Is Trying to Tell You Something: Speak Lord, I’m Listening, the new devotional journal by Christian author Shearon Hurst. Well, it was just what the Great Physician ordered to heal me from the blues and rekindle my passion to perform Godʹs work and will. In a voice that is divinely inspired, Shearon writes a daily love letter from God, cites spoton Scriptures, and then leaves room for readers to write how they can become better obedient to His word and thereby receive the blessings that were designed just for them. Two thumbs up for this inspiring work––followed by both hands held high in praise of the Lord Jesus Christ.
—Tom Siebert, Christian Editor Connection

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014



We wouldn’t be honest, if we said the things we have lost and suffered didn’t cause sadness in our heart from time to time. However, as we draw nearer to You, we realize that the things we lost didn’t really belong to us; they belonged to You. It was You, who blessed us to have jobs. It was You, who blessed us to be prosperous. It was You who made a way, when there was no way, over and over again. And it is You, who is keeping us right now.  It is You, who will turn things around and cause our latter to be greater than our former. Lord, we trust in You. You haven’t changed. Although, we can't see it now; we know our blessing is in Your hands, for it all belongs to You. Thank You Jesus for keeping it safe.

All you think you have lost I have in My hands. I am a loving Father. When things are taken out of your life, it’s for a reason and a season, just as it was with My servant Job. There was a reason for the season he went through. Job didn’t understand it, but He never lost faith in Me. I want you to be faithful as My servant Job was and say, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him,” then stay before Me as Job did and plead your case. If you do, when it is  all over, your latter will be greater than your former.