Thursday, March 27, 2014


Guest: Nika Corbett: 
Author, CEO & FOUNDER of 30 Days of Positivity

“Positivity Coach” Nika Corbett, shares with us some inspirational insights from her new book, “30 Days of Positivity”.  Nika discusses how to remove negative layers of defeat, discouragement, and disappointment; and replace them with positive action steps that will lead you to a healthier and prosperous life.  Nika opens up and talks about her personal life; how she fought the battle and overcame negative feelings of her own self-worth when she was left without income.  She shares how to be thankful and look for the positive no matter what trial you face; for the Lord word says, “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.  (1Th. 5:18).

By teaching others the same principles the Lord shared with her; Nina has helped others learn how to be more positive and empowered in their personal and professional lives.  Nika’s life experiences have afforded her the opportunity to be a blessing to many across the country. 

As you journal your way through “30 Days of Positivity”; and read some of her insightful experiences you will have some “Aha”, “Hey, I can do that too” and “You know she’s right” moments, that will cause you to rethink how you handle certain situations in your life.

So tune in, listen to this awesome show, get a copy of her book, and I know you will come away challenged to make the month of April your “30 Days of Positivity” to a new life.  


Thursday, March 20, 2014


My children,

You’ve prayed for open doors.  You asked Me to make a way out of no way.  I make a way out of no way, and I show you the open door, but you won’t walk through it.

There is a door waiting for you to walk through.  It’s waiting for you to unlock it  with the keys that I provided to you earlier in your journey.  This is the door that you've been praying for.  I’ve prepared you and I have led you to this door.  However, it’s up to you to walk through it.  Walk through this door without hesitation; for beyond this door lies your destiny with Me.

You think to yourself, “Jesus wouldn’t do it that way” or “This can’t be God."  Children, always remember that I open doors My way.  I open doors for your good, and to bring Me the greatest glory.   Look back over scripture, and you will see.  The door I opened for Joseph was costly; he didn't recognize it at first because it led to slavery and prison, but when the door swung wide open, it led him directly to the throne room.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Dear One,

There are times I will take you through a short season of difficult growth.  I will open your eyes to see some aspect of your life or character that you’ve been ignoring, and don’t want to acknowledge.  Then, I will cause you to face the hurt or pain from the past so that I can break their power over your life.  I must allow these things to happen to set you free from the things that hold you back, and inhibit you from enjoying the full measure of all that I have for you.  

Yes, I allow seasons of discomfort and the dark valley days.  However, I do not leave you there, nor do I leave you alone.  I am always with you guiding you away from dangers seen and unseen.  It is not My will for you to live out the remainder of your days in dark valleys.  I want to bring you to the mountain top of My presence; that is where I want you to dwell.  My will for you is abundant life.  That is what I want you to expect from Me, and that is what I want you to look forward to in this coming year.

So, now you have the answer to your question, “Why Lord, why?