Thursday, March 20, 2014


My children,

You’ve prayed for open doors.  You asked Me to make a way out of no way.  I make a way out of no way, and I show you the open door, but you won’t walk through it.

There is a door waiting for you to walk through.  It’s waiting for you to unlock it  with the keys that I provided to you earlier in your journey.  This is the door that you've been praying for.  I’ve prepared you and I have led you to this door.  However, it’s up to you to walk through it.  Walk through this door without hesitation; for beyond this door lies your destiny with Me.

You think to yourself, “Jesus wouldn’t do it that way” or “This can’t be God."  Children, always remember that I open doors My way.  I open doors for your good, and to bring Me the greatest glory.   Look back over scripture, and you will see.  The door I opened for Joseph was costly; he didn't recognize it at first because it led to slavery and prison, but when the door swung wide open, it led him directly to the throne room.

Don't allow your reasoning to talk you out of what I am doing.  Don’t assume to know the mind of Christ, and don’t limit Me to doing things a certain way.  My word says that I move mightily, and it’s not unusual for Me to do a new thing.  Like making rivers in the desert or part the Red Sea.  There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for those who put their trust in Me. 

I will show Myself mighty on behalf of My people, so don’t be afraid to move forward with Me.  When I open the door for you, walk boldly through.  Trust in Me, for I am with you.  I will empower you.  I will do mighty works through you if you lay all before Me; commit your way unto Me, and then walk through the doors that I open for you. 

Beyond this door, I will show you the marvelous things I’ve prepared for you, things you cannot begin to imagine.  Unlock it;  walk through the door, and things will begin to unfold.  Revelations of your journey; the reason you had to so much endure will become apparent.  I will move you forward to complete the work I started in you. 

You will be amazed; others will marvel at the work I’ve done in you, when you walk through the door.  However, in order for this to happen, you must be a doer of My word. So, use the keys and walk through the door.

Meditate on My Word: Isa. 43:19, Phil. 1:6, James 1:23, Rev. 3:8, Rev 3:20

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