Friday, May 20, 2016


Nothing is hidden from me. There is no situation or plan of man that I cannot turn the tables on. The plans of the enemy that are being formed against you, I will turn inside out, and cause them to work out for your good. Instead of you being the victim, and being destroyed; the perpetrators will find themselves the recipients of their own evil. Nothing is too hard for Me.

I see men doing things in their dark places; but no matter how deep their darkness, I can still see as clearly as if it was broad daylight. There is absolutely nothing that can be hidden from My gaze. They have forgotten that My eyes are everywhere, seeing both good and evil. Nothing is hidden from Me.

Therefore, stop worrying about what others are doing, and what they are saying. You don't need to know what they are up to. I know; that's all you need to know, so keep your eyes on Me. Don't allow the enemy to distract you and cause you to lose your focus. Oh yes, he wants you to take your eyes off of Me and miss your blessing. My child, set your face like a flint. Seek My face only. Don’t let his evil plan hinder you; for I am with you. Nothing can stand against Me.

Now, rest in Me. Yes, rest in Me and trust that I have you in the palm of My hand. I need you to believe that no weapon formed against you will ever prosper. Meditate on My word and allow your love for Me to send the spirit of fear out of your life. That's all it is, fear. I didn't give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. I say again, rest in Me. Rest in Me knowing nothing is hidden from Me. I’ve got it all under control.