Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Don’t give up now; stay the course and continue to walk with Me. Stop looking around at what others are doing, saying, or what others are preparing for; stay focused on what I’ve called you to do. Fight the good fight of faith and stay the course. Remember My Words to you, and only follow them. Stop allowing the voices of the world to distract you, and rob you of your peace. I have given you specific instructions, so set your face like a flint, and continue the path that I set before you.

Stay before Me, and maintain your prayer times, and allow no more clutter to come between you and Me. Many things are trying to occupy your days, and at times they’re causing you to become frustrated and confused.  Take a moment to stop and listen to My voice.  I will show you how to clear out the clutter and help you get your house in order so you can continue to walk with Me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


There are times when we encounter great difficulties that we question whether God will do certain things in our lives.  Things go from bad to worse; time is passing by, so we think about other possible solutions we will make just in case things don’t pan out.  We begin gathering our emotions, reaching out to others to ensure we are well-prepared for an undesired outcome.

However, when the Lord looks at this, it might be viewed that we are demonstrating a lack of faith. God’s word encourages us to walk by faith despite the hard times we face; regardless of what the situation dictates.

Someone may be walking through a difficult time right now, and you’re making preparations for things not to work out.  Why not wait on the Lord, and expect God to perform a miracle just for you?  He has not forgotten you; He still has time to move.