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Book: Are You Ready To Receive the Love You Desire - Preparing A Woman's Heart to Receive The Love She Desires by Shearon Hurst

Author Shearon HurstAbout her book: Are you Ready to Receive the Love You Desire is a book about preparing a woman's heart for the love she truly desires. This book discusses some of the many situations and challenges a woman will go through as she goes in search of that perfect love. It also discusses the things we as women should be doing before we bring a man into our lives.  

I started writing this book many years ago, and then put it on the shelf for a while. Then last year as I was coming out of some personal issues, and ministered to a few lady friends going through some men issues, I knew it was time to dust the manuscript off and complete the rest of story. It seemed so many women were asking the same questions and going through the same thing, and it all centered on "where can I find a good man"? Therefore, I felt it was time to put it all out in the open for discussion.

The title of this book came from not only listening, but also seeing women (and men) in relationships (dating or married) with the love of their life and not appreciating what they had been blessed with. In other words, they weren't ready to receive the relationship they had asked the Lord to bless them with. As it states in the book, if you DON'T like getting up early, DON'T like cooking, DON'T like cleaning, DON'T like taking care of someone else, then you shouldn't be saying "I DO" to anyone. So that is why I ask the question "Are You Ready to Receive the Love You Desire?"

Parts of the book were very hard for me to write because it dealt with a lot of personal issues that I had gone through. Writing about them was almost like reliving the past all over again, and it took awhile for me to shake the hurt off again. However, one good reminder from the Lord on how blessed I was and it was all good again.

Although I wrote this book with the ladies in mind, I've been told by a few men that it has ministered to them as well. So with that being said, "Ladies, if the men are reading this book too, I am willing to bet you will be meeting Mr. Right before you know it and you won't have to go looking for him, he will find you.

Happy reading…

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