Wednesday, April 9, 2014



Psalm 27:14 "Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord."

So, you're feeling like you are at a standstill, that you can't move forward, and you sure don’t want to go backwards.  You're feeling like everyone else is moving on; everyone, except you.  Why are you trying to compete with everyone?  You are where I need you to be, and I don't see you standing still. You have no idea what is happening in the spirit realm in order for you to take the next step, but you must wait on Me.  So much is taking place in the spirit realm while you think you are standing still.  If only you could see the things that I am doing for you.

Each step in this journey is significant for your walk with Me. Don’t focus on your circumstantial goals, for these are only temporal.  What is most important is for Me to become your main goal and the prize in which you seek.  Always let your fellowship with Me to be your first priority.  Must I remind you to continue to seek the Kingdom of God first?  Of course not, you know this.

Stop, wait. What are you trying to do?  I know your heart is stirred to act, but you must wait on Me. You are tempted to hurry the process.  Please don’t, I don’t need you to force anything to happen.  I don't want you to interfere with anything that I am doing.  I don't need your help; I don't need you to cover for Me. Must I remind you again about what happened to Abraham and Sarah when they tried to help me out? Wait for Me.

I know what I am doing.  You are to wait until you clearly hear My voice and then move. I trusted you, now I need you to trust Me.  You are in a perilous time. A time where any move you make will be most important, and you must not act foolishly and allow your flesh to rise up and dictate your moves.  The enemy is waiting for you to act in the flesh.  Remember that which is of the flesh will surely die and come to naught.  Stay prayerful and wait on Me.

Be patient now, stop and wait on Me, and soon in My time you will take the next step, but you must be ready to take it.  If you believe you must do something, then work on getting yourself ready to receive the blessing, and let Me work on bringing it to pass. That should keep you busy for a while don’t you think? Wait on Me, I Am always right on time.

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