Monday, July 13, 2015



Child, I am not limiting you; you are limiting yourself. It’s My desire for you to great things; however, you’ve put limitations upon yourself by not believing in My word. If you ask Me, I will remove those limitations. I will put a desire within you that will cause you to hunger and thirst for more of Me and increase your faith. This increase in faith will allow you to step out boldly and do mighty works in My name.

Stop striving; cast all your cares upon Me, and I will deliver you from the spirit of fear that is holding you back from doing miraculous things in My name. It is My will for you to move with Me in My power, and walk in holiness and victory in every area of your life.  I desire to take you further than you think it is possible to go. Allow Me to do a mighty work within you. Allow Me to give you My vision and show you My plans. Oh, precious one, it is time for you to come up higher and move with Me in My power and glory.

I want the miraculous to be normal for you. Don’t you know because of the anointing on your life that you were created to be a demonstration of My power? You were meant to soar high above the things in this world, because you are not of this world.  If you will look to Me, and allow Me to lead you, I will increase your faith, so that you can do the things with Me that I desire to do through you. I want you to walk in the supernatural. Oh yes, it is possible.  Believe My child; only believe. Let this mind be in you; believe, and you will see My words come alive in your life.
Read His Word
Mat. 19:26, Mark 5:36; 9:23; 10:27, John 15:9

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