Monday, August 12, 2013


So many have gone through some devastating hardships, and others are still going through trials, which at times seem almost unbearable.  And even in the midst of the valley the enemy still won't leave us alone.  He's doing all he can to wear us down, mess with our minds and make us feel like the Lord doesn't care about our pain and suffering.

It is during these times we begin to think, and say things which are contrary to the word of God.  Well, I want you to know that the does the Lord care, and He's giving us a choice to speak either life or death over our circumstances.  I don't know about you, but I'm choosing to fill my heart and my mouth with the blessings of the life God has promised to me.

I had you on my heart today as I went before the Lord in prayer.  (I've never recorded myself praying before, but I felt led to do so today)  I pray that you will be able to hear this prayer and that it will bless you, minister to you, deliver you and set you free from every hindering spirit of the enemy.  I pray it will remind you of who you are in Christ Jesus, and cause you to rise up and glorify the Lord. 

Be blessed, and speak God's promises over your life.

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