Thursday, February 27, 2014



Author of 3T Vision: Truth Triumphs over Tragedy (focusing on God’s word in the midst of the storm)

3T Vision - Truth Triumphs over Tragedy is a collection of real-life stories shared by courageous, faith-filled women who have lived the Vision up-close and personal.   Read about women just like you, who faced tragedy head-on and triumphed over every hurdle.

Listen as Liz passionately shares her testimony of how she survived a season riddled with multiple tragedies and how she rose triumphantly over breast cancer, paralysis, helping her child through substance abuse, and the death of a child.

Liz also shared the tragic Valentine’s Day car accident that took the life of her 24-year-old niece, and how this tragedy forced Liz to walk out the principles in her book once again.  However, this time Liz took her triumph over tragedy to a next step: the development of a new ministry honoring the memory of her niece.  “Prayer-Full Purses”, which involves the collection of gently used/new purses to be given to women at a local community benefit center.

Upon delivery, each "Prayer-Full Purse" will contain a series of prayers/scripture on laminated cards designed to give the ladies hope.  The desire is that every time the recipient looks at, or uses their purse, they'll be reminded of that hope - the hope and faith to be found in God and His word

Through faith in the Lord, Liz and the wonderful ladies in the book “3T Vision”, left tragedy in the dust, and emerged to fulfill the Vision; the purpose that God has spoken over their lives.

You will be strengthened and encouraged when you read this book.  And I know the show will bless you and lift your spirits!  So take a moment and listen as TRUTH TRIUMPHS OVER TRAGEDY!


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