Thursday, December 4, 2014


Your heart is heavy over some recent things that have happened. You were hoping that things would have gone a different way; but they didn’t, and now you're wondering what to do.

My child, let not your heart be troubled. In this life, disappointments will happen; however, they are only temporary. Remember this, there are times I will allow a door to close to direct you in a new direction. And there are times I allow tests to come to reveal what is in your heart, to see whether you will love Me and will be obedient through the hard times. You may be disappointed now; but if you look  to Me, and remain faithful I will point you to the new window that I've opened in your life.

I know you need time to grieve over what happened. I understand; I wept too. However, I didn’t allow My grief to consume Me, and neither should you. Release the pain that you are feeling, because there is still work to be done. I love you. So, pray; and release everything to Me. Let the pain go, for even now I am interceding for you. Selah.

Let go, and you will feel My peace come over you. Allow My spirit to minister healing to you. Yes, all is well. Take some time to praise Me. I know you don’t feel like it, but it will help you release the pain. You have My word; it won’t always be this way. Trust Me. Lift your head up and watch Me turn your sorrow into joy. Believe in Me and let not your heart be troubled.

Let us pray: Father,  we release all doubt, fear, anxiety, and frustration.  We ask you to give us strength to face our battles with faith in Your word; knowing that You know what's best for us.  We humble ourselves and we receive your perfect peace.  We declare that  our peace within is fully restored, in the name of Jesus. 

If your faith is dwindling, and sometimes you find it difficult to keep looking up, then you have found the right book. "Shh!  God Is Trying To Tell You Something" will encourage and comfort you as you battle through your valley days.

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