Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inspirational Story – The Games We Play, What Are We Doing?



While watching an old movie and I won’t mention the name,  I was amazed at what some women do and put up with to keep a man.  Yes, I hear you say it was only a movie, but you and I both know some women who carry on like that today.  What you saw wasn’t made up; those were some real-life issues.  Ladies, we have got to do better about taking care of ourselves.

I saw four beautiful, successful ladies playing games with their lives (and the men in them) to keep a man.  It was sad watching three of these ladies spend their hard-earned money and their time with some men who truly didn’t deserve them, yet they wanted them.  Why?  Well, I heard one of them say it was because “My baby can lay pipe” Sorry ladies, I have to say it, is that all you want out of a relationship is a pipe layer?  Are you saying to me that God created you to simply be a retainer for pipe?  (That’s as nice as I can say it).  I don’t think so.  Life goes on after the pipe is laid.  The pipe won’t pay the bills or keep a roof over your head.  It may feel good at the moment, but what happens when it’s over?

Life goes on……

I watch these ladies buy clothes for the men, give one man a total makeover, and I mean total makeover.  Allow them to move in with them and the men had no jobs!  Then once they move in, some don’t want to make any commitments because they have been hurt before.  So why are you upset when they don’t want to marry you?  Didn’t you let them move in?  Well, if you wanted to get married, you shouldn’t have made that clear, don’t settle.  They settled; you know why?  You got it, because “Baby can lay pipe.”  Sounds like DEAD WEIGHT to me (I’ll explain what that means later)!

Ladies, you deserve better than this.  Snap out of this!  Stop allowing men or anyone to treat you this way.  They only do this because we allow it.  We have to stop being afraid of being alone.  Start learning to be happy with yourself first, and then you won’t be afraid to walk away from a bad relationship.  However, if you never learn the pleasure of your own company, and how to stand on your own two feet, you will fall for anything that smiles at you and you will never know what true happiness is.  Everything that looks good, and is good to you is not always good for you.


And ladies, if you have been blessed to have a wonderful man in your life, and he makes a mistake, and he is truly sorry for what he has done, FORGIVE HIM when he apologizes.  Don’t do what one lady did in this movie by playing games.  If you know your man has always been straight with you, and has never, ever given you a reason to question his loyalty, again I say FORGIVE HIM.  While you are trying to make him jealous by playing silly games, someone else is moving in.  Why waste all that time playing a game that you may lose to someone else?  Furthermore, ladies, remember, you can’t do what the guys do and still want to be called a lady.

NOW LADIES let’s talk about the beauty of that movie:


I noticed the beautiful relationships the women had with each other.  No matter what was going on in their personal lives,  these ladies were there for each other.  When they talked about each other, and what they were going through with their men, they did it out in the open, not behind each other’s back.  When they thought their girlfriend was being embarrassed in public by her man; they had her back.  I got tickled when one lady said she was going to cut the guy for doing her girl wrong.  Now that’s what I am talking about.  Ok, I know that’s wrong, but you know what I mean.  We need to see more of that in our sisterhood.  (Not the going to cut a person part, lol)  We need more bonding together and a better support system for each other.  Stop putting each other’s business in the street.  When one of us is down, the other one should be there for comfort and support.  Not running and talking about her finances, her man, or whatever the problem is.  True friends are rare; learn to appreciate them.  Now that’s a game that we should be playing!

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